Forbidden Fruit
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

I am the Forbidden Fruit
Feast on my fantasies
Bask in my bounty
Sample my sensuality
Nurture my nectar
Suckle of my sweetness
Delight in my desire
Persuade all my passions
Intwine all my intimacies
Excite me in my ecstacy
Hold me in my heat
Relish my release
Lie with me in love
Sleep with me in serenity
and know...

That once you have tasted
 the forbidden fruit
and the garden not eternal...
Nothing will ever be the same
when and wherever you go

Long Distance Lovers
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

Long distance lovers
Sleeping solo under separate covers
One in reality 
the other fantasy it seems
Yet meeting each night
in each others dreams

Wipe life's hardships away
Come meet each other at close of day
In a place where safety seems
To be harbored
Tucked away in each others dreams

Entwine reality and fantasy to where they meld
And beautiful light and being is to beheld
Soar thru the galaxies  So high on angels wings
Hold each other tightly
And dream of creating wondrous things

And so each night
After a difficult day take flight
Tho naught for wanting the others charms
And wanting to be in each others arms

But safe alone it so seems
And so each night.. they meet in dreams

So dream dreamers dream

Roadmap to His Heart
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

The lines on his face
Hid his life's secrets away
His eyes grey and heavy lidded
Tucked away the horrors he had seen
The scars on his body
Sheltered the battles he had fought
The bend in his back
Displaced the weight he had carried
But his heart
Well deep and hidden
Was his greatest treasure
And was by far
The inner roadmap

to the man himself
Intricate and woven
Full of history and pain

I cradled him to my bosom
And embraced his hurt
He shared with me his sorrows
Of now and days gone by
As a thank you
He gave to me a trinket
for my being there for him
A carved wooden feather earring
I wear proudly in my ear
To remind me of life's trials
And of the man
who shared the destination
of the roadmap
to his hurting heart


Let me Love You from Afar
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

When I get too close
The pain
Of reality's arrow
Pierces deep
From afar I can dream
How it should be
The heartfelt joy
Not found
In being near
Close up defenses build
Walls high
Adorned with armor
Rusted with times tears
Safety lies
In the distance
No danger breathes there
Out of harm's way
and of sight
But not of mind
There in lies the answer
From afar



© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

1999 reworked 11/4/2000



You shielded me from the cold salt spray

like that old familiar soft supple broken-in leather I treasure so,

You kept me warm



I felt your breath in my ear, your embrace around my waist

You were close



I saw the sparkle of your eyes in the dew on every blade of fieldgrass

You were radiant



I saw your smile upon every sunswept crest of ocean waves

You were shining



I felt the comfort of your embrace in every ray of sunshine

You were heaven



I felt your nearness everywhere I went

I was never alone








and I so look forward

 to riding with you again....


Where do Beautiful Souls go?
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

Where do beautiful souls go when they die?
Where is the comfort...where is it they lie?
Are they with loved ones and cared for dear?
Is an angel with them or is one near?
Is it safe to sleep at night knowing?
They they are cared for and we are showing?

The pain of their loss

Lord answer the question
Because I need to know
Please tell me where?
Beautiful souls go?

When Love Died

The black ribbon

of mourning was


And displayed

just above her heart



The milk of emotion


The cream ladled

off the top

And discarded




Her rope

Of love's hope

Raveled itself

to only a thread

And she thought

She'd be

better off





Love perished


The moment

Pinpointed for eternity

Tattooing her heart

With a branding iron




Lances and daggers


And blood let

her vascular soul




Plasma boiled itself

to black ink

and spilled

onto paper

In blotchy exorcism




Words of thunder


And poisoned her

Leaving her lying


On the coroner's

cold slab




The funeral coach called

For her final repose

Black satin veiled

And lined with thorns



Her casket was lowered

Into the ground

And whence she came

From dust

She did return


When love died



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Roadpoet eMagazine's New Hampshire Motorcycle Poet Laureate

Remembering 911

© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@


On 911

we'll commence

a solemn day

of remembrance

of all who fell

and lost their lives

in the fiery hell


Terrorists flew

into the towers

They crumbled, a mass

of twisted metal showers

Thousands that worked inside

Could find no shelter

No place to hide


That fateful day

at the cost

Thousands upon thousands

Of lives were lost

Those of us

that were left behind

Can't seem to find

any peace of mind


It brought us back

to reality

That we are never

totally free

We haven't recovered

Nor will we yet


we'll never forget










As Seen Through Her Eyes © by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@


Her glasses lay on the nightstand

Where she last left them

Before her call to the heavens

After her last breath


As I gathered up her belongings

I sat on the edge of the bed

Holding her glasses in hand



What had she seen

What miracles had she witnessed?

Would I be able to feel

And share her visions?

If I put them on?


I pondered this for a while

Imagined her at my side

Hearing her voice



"Put them on dear

You may not be able to visualize

Exactly what I saw

But you will SEE"


"So put them on dear

Put them on"


As I affixed them to my face

Tears came streaming

I visualized her love

Her life

Her loss


Me of her

Her of me


I saw myself as a little girl

Playing in the yard

While she hung the wash

Her combing my hair

Cutting out paper dolls

Her kissing me goodnight

And as we grew older

Doing crosswords together

And talking endless hours

With such loving care


Tears of I miss and love you Mom

Flowed forever it seemed

But now I know


I can forever see

And always remember

What was...  

As seen through her eyes~


dedicated to my deceased Mom




Sky Keeper
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

She dances amongst angels 
and the clouds
Sunlight shines upon her face 
Rendering it beautifully radiant
Her eyes sparkle
 like the rarest of gemstones
Her smile captivating
Her heart expansive 
encompassing all,
Her mind... DEEP
Deeper than the deepest ravines
She lives in the here and now
Her soul is unbound
She awaits her love
The one she'll stay devoted to
Unto eternity
At night she dreams
By day she sings

Sky Keeper in dreams you be
One day you'll become my reality

Shared passion
©  by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

Oh that we can still envision
Enchanted evenings 
of passions
When you place your hand 
in the small of my back
And pull me close
Your lips full and hot 
titillate and tease mine
Your eyes speak of wanton 
sensuous pleasures of the flesh
Your words lavish 
lust in my ear
Sending chills 
throughout my body
Arched am I in your arms
Entwined in a tight embrace
You kiss and nibble 
the nape of my neck
And run your hand ever so slowly
over my soft contoured curves
Summoning forth the essence 
of my womanhood
To display itself before you
The foreplay unfolds and
You lead me to repose
Whence you press 
your body against mine
In heaving desire
All my senses succumb 
to passion and lust
We mate in a lovers embracing lock
Undulating rhythm and rhyme
My body to yours, your body to mine
of unprecedented pleasures are reached
Your manhood peaks
I tingle
Extended and expended
We disentangle 
And assume the position of comfort
To lie blissfully beside each other
And fall into slumber


Ain't it Funny
© by Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@

I learned to laugh in spite of my tears
I learned to be human in my most wretched years

I learned to feel when I couldn't be touched
I learned how to give when I didn't have much

I learned to be warm even tho I was cold
Living real humbly, I learned to be bold

I learned to live when I thought it better to die
I learned to laugh when all I could do was cry

I learned from below what it's like up above
While I felt hated, I learned how to love

I learned on the move that I knew how to rest
While at my worst, I learned how to be my best

I learned about God when it seemed I was damned
And when I was lost, I learned how found I am

I learned to be rich, when I had no money
These things seem serious, but..

ain't it funny

What I've learned ~ thus far~


In the Night


He wakes  

in the darkness

thrashing and screaming

These visions are his monkey

of the night.   By day


he finds the spoon

to cook a better daydream.

He chases innocence

through the needleís eye

His days as a soldier


stripped away his childhood;

he canít stand straight without

the primateís help.  At night I jump

across his chest of hallucinations


to try to quell his incendiary sights

I watch, as devotion spills out a

glassine packet ; he savors this


opiate way much more than me.  

This scene becomes my never ending

nightmare I watch

him put his love


Into his arm



 Blasphemy he spate

with his tongue

dripping sanguine

to a puddle on the floor

His eyes squinted and cunning

edged  razor sharp

like a cutting stone

His long finger-nailed hands

Claw-like and clutching

His stance hunched over

and lurching

as he elicits an evil wink

 His guile mouth spat more

More blood fell

and pooled on the floor.

I handed him a mop

and turned a deaf ear to..



Ode to the Fallen Biker

©Betsy E Lister a/k/a Gypsypashn 2/16/2005

Ode to the Fallen Biker

World traveler road hitchhiker

Whose lust and longing to enjoy life without strife

Took a wicked turn along the path of life

Inhaling the landscape while rolling along

Carefree and happy and singing a song

Shiny steel, leather and two wheels underneath

Just a hugging the gas tank setting snug like a sheath

Rounding the bends and the twists with such ease

Hair flurrying in the wind meshing with the breeze

This freeborn feeling no one else knows

Except for other riding sisters and bro's

Itís empyreal out there on the open road

Thunder roaring in your ears it lightens your load

The world falls away all cares seem to wane

No earthly worries enjoying freedomís flame

The roadís so inspiring the feelings enhanced

Two wheels, hilly asphalt and taking that chance

The fallen biker just out there enjoying the ride

Lost when a negligent 'cager' - broke his stride

Gone his precious freedom, his passion, his pride

Sending him off on that eternal ride

His kin and friends now all ride alone

On that long lonesome road heading on home

He still rides in their shadow though they not see him there

'Cuz you canít kill his spirit itís still everywhere!

Heíll live evermore in the minds of family and friends

ĎTil itís their time to join him, and their lifeís journey ends

When theyíre all gone and fallen theyíll rest in Godís hands

And all ride on forever, cause thatís a bikerís plan